Rawlings Youth Face Mask BBYWG

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Rawlings Youth Face Mask BBYWG

Rawlings Youth Face Mask BBYWG

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Rawlings Youth Face Mask BBYWG:

The Rawlings Youth Face mask BBYWG provides added protection to Rawlings model helmets. This protective facemask fits both the RCFTB and MLTBH youth batting helmets. Their state of the art construction is tested to hold up to high-impacts and meet every qualification for NOCSAE certification for both baseball and softball play. The face mask has an all new wire configuration. This configuration allows for perfect sight lines and provides optimal visibility. This is vital for a player anywhere on the field, but especially in the batter s box.

Youth Rawlings Face Mask

The Rawlings Youth Face mask BBYWG has a lower overall weight to allow for ideal mobility in the box and on the base paths. The mask has a special powder coat finish that allows the diameter of the protective bars to be slim without sacrificing structural integrity. This is what allows for both the larger sight lines and the light weight mobility. This will ultimately lead to better play as the young player will experience less fatigue. In addition, the players vision will be enhanced compared to some of the larger more cumbersome masks.

Rawlings Batting Helmet Facemask

If you already have one of Rawlings RCFTB or MLTBH batting helmet models, this mask is not only your best choice, it is your only choice. Helmet facemasks are not compatible with all helmets. Each manufacturer makes a mask that fits specific baseball and softball helmets. These masks are not transferrable among other models. This means that they will not fit other manufacturers helmets. So, a Wilson mask will not fit a Rawlings mask and vice versa. In addition, a chin strap comes on this all-black, sleek design. It allows for an additional layer of security that holds the helmet in place in order to protect the fragile areas of the head and face.
  • Meets NOCSAE for baseball and softball
  • New wire configuration
  • Includes chin strap
  • Fits: RCFTB and MLTBH
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