Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10)

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Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10)

Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10)

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Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10)

If you are a developing hitter looking to transform into a wicked good hitter at the plate, make sure you play with a bat that can help get you to that level you desire to play at. The Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10) does exactly that, as it is jammed packed with attributes that allow youth hitters to take their games to levels never seen this season. One of the most substantial things that makes this bat such a wonderful alternative is its high strength aerospace alloy. The alloy provides impeccable and consistent balance and control for those swinging these Rawlings bats. Even the most exciting prospects around can benefit from using these great Rawlings baseball bats to help them drive balls.

Rawlings Baseball Bats

The Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10) can help sluggers take their competition at the plate to the next level this year, thanks to the balanced -10 design with a rolled end. These Rawlings bats also are made in four different sizes, making it a wonderful option for a variety of athletes. Bat sizes start as low as 27 inches long and go a big as 30 inches long. When purchasing a bat, it s necessary to do so from a reputable company. No one in the enterprise is more skilled than the producer of these Rawlings baseball bats. Rawlings is an organization that has been around since 1887.

Rawlings Bats

Over the years the caliber of this company s products has astonishingly not dropped off one bit. Rawlings remains one of the top baseball equipment providers in the industry today. The Rawlings Wicked YBRAW Youth Baseball Bat (-10) is a wonderful choice for a young baseball player. Lastly, all of the technology improved with these Rawlings Bat allows the batter using it to excel at the plate every time they step into the batter s box. These Rawlings baseball bats come at a reasonable price too, this is a must buy for players looking to improve this season.