Rawlings Velo Adult Catchers Set CSV2A

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Rawlings Velo Adult Catchers Set CSV2A

Rawlings Velo Adult Catchers Set CSV2A

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Rawlings Velo Adult Catchers Set CSV2A

The Rawlings Velo Adult Catchers Set CSV2A keeps you safe behind the plate. Although many do not consider baseball a contact sport, catchers know better than anyone that is not true. Catchers are constantly getting hit by balls, bats, and worse being in a collision. This is why the number one priority is to stay safe on the field. The best way to do this is to purchase a high quality catchers gear set. Some factors to consider when purchasing a catcher s set is the company that manufactures it and what specific features of the gear are there to increase protection. Using these two parameters narrowing down your search for a catcher set can be easy. The Rawlings Velo Adult Catchers Set VCSA is a serious catcher set you should consider purchasing and here is why.

Rawlings Adult Catchers Sets

Rawlings Adult catchers sets are designed to take the punishment of the elite player. When purchasing a catcher set considering what brand it comes from is vital. This is because when a catcher s set comes from a great brand it will definitely be of a high quality. The Rawlings brand is one of the best in the game of baseball. The company began under the leadership of George and Alfred Rawlings. The brothers grew the company into a power in the baseball world. For over 100 years Rawlings has been providing ball players with some of the best products in the game. Anyone on the market for any product should consider purchasing it from Rawlings.

Rawlings Velo Catchers Set

The Rawlings Velo catchers set is no exception to the high quality of Rawlings products. The catchers set utilizes a dynamic fit system to ensure you are safe behind the plate. Also, the Tri-tech padding allows for air to circulate through the gear which is ideal for the hot summer months. Furthermore, the set has a stylish two-tone fade giving it a sleek look. We have the Rawlings Velo adult catchers set CSV2A available right here on the Baseball Bargains website. So, purchase yourself one of these great catchers sets today!


  • Upgraded Velo™ 2.0 with moisture-wicking liner provides improved ventilation and air circulation
  • High-strength, increased impact resistant cage
  • Two-tone matte finish
  • Upgraded, adjustable chin pad allows for a comfortable custom fit
  • Three-way adjustable back plate for a custom fit 7 1/8"- 7 3/4" two-tone matte finish
  • Velo 2.0 hockey-style catcher's helmet


  • Meets NOCSAE® commotio cordis standard
  • Arc Reactor Core™: Patent pending technology blending impact absorbing polyurethane with an arched engineered polymer plate, dispersing forceful impact while dampening ball rebound
  • Dynamic Fit System™ 2.0 provides a new, four-point flexible shoulder and back harness to allow a more form-fitting and comfortable fit
  • Two-tone striped pattern
  • 17" chest protector


  • AIMS™: Advanced Impact Management System™
  • Heat Exchange™ foam technology side flaps increase airflow and keeps you cool Conforming lightweight design for comfort and mobility
  • Patented Supertoe™ for ultimate instep protection
  • Over-the-shoe elastic strap on toe flap for improved fit
  • Adult: 16 1/2"