Rawlings Senior Velo Face Guard

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Rawlings Senior Velo Face Guard

Rawlings Senior Velo Face Guard

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Rawlings Senior Velo Face Guard

Rawlings has a reputation like no other, this product is no exception. The Rawlings Senior Velo Face Guard is an appropriate protective utensil for any batter. The guard not only keeps a hitter s face well protected, but also permits them to still see as if they weren t even wearing this high quality protection on their face. Rawlings player facemasks stand up to NOCSAE standards, so there is no question this mask is of quality. The brand new wire configuration on this facemask, will allow the full vision while still being comfortable due to its lighter weight. A hitter s vision is very important, and with this mask, that vision is never taken away from the player. This face guard has a powder coat finish, with minimized wire diameter for less obstruction. The guard also contains a chin strap for the a great amount of comfort.

Rawlings Facemask Protection

This mask does a great job of providing protection, without sacrificing vision. This guard will fit all Velo Senior Size Helmets, and is for softball only. This mask will not fail to meet your expectations. Coming from Rawlings this mask is sure to be a reliable option. Rawlings has been in business since 1887 and has been one of the top companies in the game since. If your looking for a high quality product, Rawlings is always the way to go. No one in the business is more accomplished than Rawlings, the producer of this softball face guard. Over the years the Rawlings amazingly still consistently provides quality products. Rawlings remains one of the top baseball equipment providers in the industry today. The Rawlings Senior Velo Face Guard is an overwhlemingly useful item, that comes at a respectable price tag. This season do not let a mask bother you, this mask will provide protection and great vision. So, if you want this quality product but it here on the Baseball Bargains Website!