Rawlings Renegade Adult Catchers Set R2CSA

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Rawlings Renegade Adult Catchers Set R2CSA

Rawlings Renegade Adult Catchers Set R2CSA

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Rawlings Renegade Adult Catchers Set RCSNA

The Rawlings Renegade Adult Catchers Set R2CSA sets catchers up with a bang for their buck and quality. Rawlings is a top brand in the industry for a reason and their products prove their spot. The Renegade series offers a product with exceptional performance without a big dent to the wallet. This particular set comes with a 7 1/8 inch to 7 3/4 inch CoolFlo hockey-style catcher's helmet, a 16 inch chest protector, and 16 inch triple-knee leg guards. The set calls for players to be 15 and older. Rawlings offers the set in black, navy blue, royal blue, and scarlet. The quality of this set comes from Rawlings and the features they put into their products to make them better.

Rawlings Adult Catchers Set

This Rawlings adult catchers set comes complete with everything you need to feel protected behind the plate. Your catcher's mask will be extremely strong due to its impact resistance cage. This helps because the cage is the vision of your mask, so its needs to be well designed to both let you see and protect your face. The rest of the mask is made using an ABS plastic shell to absorb the force of the ball. The chest protector has a dual-density foam for protection and comfort. The padding system and breaks provide you with the ability to move wherever you want and have unlimited motion. The Velcro straps help make it easier to take the set on and off. There is also an adjustable harness for a custom and perfect fit.

The leg guards are the lifeline to a catcher, as they allow them to or not to move easily. Luckily, these leg guards make it easy for you to be a cat behind the dish. To add extra protection, there is a reinforced knee. They are very light and flexible for mobility purposes. To improve the fit, there is an over-the-shoe elastic strap on the toe flap for improved fit. The Velcro straps make taking your pads on and off that much easier.

This Rawlings Renegade Adult Catchers Set R2CSA is ideal for use as a team set.  The affordable pride and all that you get for it makes this Rawlings adult catchers set  a steal.


  • CoolFlo® highlight hockey-style catcher's helmet
  • Meets NOCSAE® standards
  • High strength, impact resistant cage
  • ABS plastic shell for impact resistance
  • 7 1/8"-7 3/4" CoolFlo hockey-style catcher's helmet


  • Meets NOCSAE® commotio cordis standard
  • Arc Reactor Core™: Patent pending technology blending impact absorbing polyurethane with an arched engineered polymer plate, dispersing forceful impact while dampening ball rebound
  • Pad system and breaks provide unrestricted motion and ultimate comfort
  • Velcro® equipped straps for easy-on/easy-off attachment system
  • 17" chest protector


  •  Reinforced knee for ultimate protection and comfort
  • New lightweight and flexible design
  • Over-the-shoe elastic strap on toe flap for improved fit
  • Velcro® equipped straps for easy-on/easy-off attachment system
  • Adjustable back harness for a custom fit
  • 16" triple-knee leg guards