Rawlings R9 11.5 inch Infield Glove R9204-2BG

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Rawlings R9 11.5 inch Infield Glove R9204-2BG

Rawlings R9 11.5 inch Infield Glove R9204-2BG

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Rawlings R9 11.5 inch Infield Glove R9204-2BG

The Rawlings R9 11.5 inch infield glove R9204-2BG is the newest glove to join one of Rawlings top-selling lines. The Rawlings R9 series gives a player a pro fit and feel while not costing an arm and a leg. The R9204-2BG is for true gamers: players who give it their all on the field until the final out. The Rawlings R9 uses soft and flexible leather that eliminates the lengthy break-in process. This baseball glove is ready to hit the field in no time; it comes 80% broken-in right from the factory. But while it has this soft leather, the Tennessee tanning rawhide leather lacing adds some incredible toughness and durability to the glove.

The leather of this Rawlings R9 11.5 inch infield glove R9204-2BG works to maintain the shape of the glove and pocket so it will last multiple seasons. Another great feature of this Rawlings infield glove is the leather palm pad. The palm pad works to reduce the sting that may occur when fielding a hard line drive. The R9 R9204-2BG is an 11.5 inch baseball glove. It is an ideal fielding glove for third baseman, short stops and second baseman. You will be able to make a quick exchange from the glove to the throwing hand.

Rawlings Infield Glove:

This Rawlings infield glove also has a modified trap web that is appealing due to its cool look and nicely-sized pocket. Lastly, the glove doesn't use flashy colors. Rather it uses a Black leather with gold welting to create an elegant look. Rawlings has been making top of the line equipment since 1887. They have figured out a way to maintain high quality while lowering the price. This series of gloves has been very popular over the past several years due to the combination of quality and affordability. Get your game on with the Rawlings R9 11.5 inch infield glove R9204-2BG. Buy this Rawlings infield glove today from Baseball Bargains!