Rawlings Pro Preferred Maple Wood Baseball Bat

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Rawlings Pro Preferred Maple Wood Baseball Bat

Rawlings Pro Preferred Maple Wood Baseball Bat

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Rawlings Pro Preferred Maple Wood Baseball Bat

The Rawlings Pro Preferred maple wood baseball bat is made with pro grade maple.  Every model produced passes the Pro ink dot test. This Rawlings bat is cut to the the MT456. The stand out feature of this turning model is the knob. This bat has a heavy swing weight and a huge sweet spot. Rawlings makes the Gameday models of several great MLB hitters. 

Rawlings Maple Bats

Rawlings maple bats have been popular for decades. Any player in the market for a wood bat needs to seriously consider a bat made by Rawlings. Whether you are looking for a practice bat or a gamer, Rawlings has many great options for you. From Little League to Major League Baseball, there are great models of Rawlings maple bats. If you have played baseball any time over the last 50 years, you know if an item sports a Rawlings logo, the quality is guaranteed. So check out our selection of Rawlings maple bats.

Pro Preferred Maple Bats

Hit like a pro with this Pro Preferred maple bat.  The solid pro grade maple bat has a moderate 15/16" handle.  This is thin enough to allow you to add a bat grip, but thick enough to resist breakage.  Step into the batters box with confidence.  Use the bats that top Major League Baseball players like Bryce Harper trust day in and day out.  Purchase this Rawlings Pro Preferred maple wood baseball bat  today.

  • Pro Grade Maple Wood
  • MT456 Turning Model
  • Unique Thick Knob
  • 15/16" Handle
  • Pro Ink Dot Test
  • Cupped Barrel
  • 45 Day Manufacturer Warranty