Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards LGPRO

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Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards LGPRO

Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards LGPRO

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Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards LGPRO

The Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards LGPRO are those that are going to help you be the most comfortable out on the diamond. This is especially important in the midst of a hot summer. Rawlings has been one of the best brands in the league since the beginning and there is good reason for that. This is because the exceptional quality and durability of their products. These leg guards are not an exception to this standard. An example of this is the Advanced Impact Management System. The AIMS system allows for the impact of the ball to be absorbed dispersed throughout the entire leg guard to make sure you don't feel the force of the ball.

Rawlings Leg Guard Features

Catchers know that foam is their best friend when it comes to leg guards. The foam of the product determines the overall comfortability of the leg guard. Rawlings uses its Heat Exchange foam technology to keep you cool. These side flaps improve airflow and allow for ultimate comfort. Rawlings knows catchers need to be like cats, so the lightweight design of the leg guards allows for players to feel like they aren't even wearing pads. Something else that Rawlings does to help its players is include its patented Supertoe which helps give the ultimate instep protection. Another feature of Pro Preferred leg guards is that there is an over the shoe elastic strap for a better fit.

Rawlings offers 5 different color variances, so you can match your team. Pick from either black, dark green, navy blue, royal blue, and scarlet. The Rawlings brand is a powerhouse in the industry for a reason. The Rawlings Pro Preferred Leg Guards LGPRO are just one of many products that prove the worth of the Rawlings brand. Come to our website today and find out why these some of the best leg pads in the game!