Rawlings Mach Leg Guards MCHLG

Rawlings Mach Leg Guards MCHLG

Rawlings Mach Leg Guards MCHLG

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Rawlings Mach Leg Guards MCHLG

The Rawlings Mach Leg Guards MCHLG are some of the most comfortable leg guards on the market. After multiple years of engineering and testing, the Rawlings Mach leg guards were created to fit well, and outperform the competition. The Intelligent Knee Positioning technology provides a low profile. These leg guards have a full conforming fit for unmatched comfort. These Mach catcher's leg guards fully conform around your knee to provide full protection while standing, squatting, or sitting. As a result, you get top-notch protection and increased mobility behind the plate. In addition, they feature variable placement knee and inner shin pads. This allows you to get a custom fit. The adjustable toe flaps also provide full foot protection. Lastly, the easily adjustable Velcro straps allow for quick attachments, and have a silicone backing to keep them in-place. Thus, you will remain comfortable on the field no matter the conditions. When you put these Rawlings Mach leg guards on, you'll never want to wear a pair of traditional style leg guards again

Rawlings has been one of the best brands in the league since the beginning and there is good reason for that. This is because the exceptional quality and durability of their products. These leg guards are not an exception to this standard. 

Rawlings Leg Guard Features

Rawlings offers seven different color variances, so you can match your team. Pick from either black/white, solid black, dark green/white, navy blue/white, royal blue/white, scarlet/white and white/white. The Rawlings brand is a powerhouse in the industry for a reason. The Rawlings Mach Leg Guards MCHLG are just one of many products that prove the worth of the Rawlings brand.