Rawlings Launch Youth Short Sleeve Cage Jacket YLNCCJ

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Rawlings Launch Youth Short Sleeve Cage Jacket YLNCCJ

Rawlings Launch Youth Short Sleeve Cage Jacket YLNCCJ

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Rawlings Launch Youth Short Sleeve Cage Jacket YLNCCJ

The Rawlings Launch Youth Short Sleeve Cage Jacket YLNCCJ is the perfect accessory for the upcoming offseason. Obviously, in practice and before games, you may be wearing a jacket or just some pregame or practice wear. There's a great lightweight feel to this jacket, so it'll make it perfect for practice or for warming up before your game. The excellence Rawlings commits to shows through this product. You would think, they wouldn't care as much about apparel products in comparison to their gloves or bats, but they ensure the same quality and performance for your benefit. They do this by adding great technologies and attributes to come together to make an excellent product.

Rawlings Cage Jacket Features:

Features of this jacket include its 2 side pockets and a sublimated heather design on the sleeves. The pockets are great for you to be able to listen to music taking batting practice or if you're just hanging around, you have extra storage. The sublimated heather design on the sleeves allows for the best quality of fabric which is needed on the diamond. The body of the jacket is 95% polyester and 5% spandex fabric. The slight add of spandex allows for more flexibility in your jacket, so when you are moving you won't feel any restrictions. Rawlings inserts a 100% polyester flatback mesh to increase the breathability of your jacket to help keep you cool. To help get the best fitting jacket, Rawlings uses a straight hem with a drawstring cord, so it can perfectly match your physique.

Rawlings is one of those brands that you know you can rely on no matter what the situation is. They've had a formula for success since 1887, and they're not slowing down. To be a top name in the game for over 100 years is something extremely impressive, and something to take note of. With this brand at your back, the sky is the limit!