Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards

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Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards

Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards

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Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards

If you are a catcher trying to better your game this season, you need a killer pair of leg guards. The Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards are a terrific set of leg guards for the intermediate level baseball player. They will protect your legs through the ups and downs of a long season behind the plate. The Intermediate Velo Leg Guards are 15.5 inches in length; a good fit for most intermediate-level catchers. These guards are also very light in weight yet durable as well, and easy to move around in.

The Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards allow for great mobility, while also allowing for the best protection possible. Impact-absorbing foam in the knees helps to reduce the sting and vibration you get behind the plate. In addition, they also have internal padding for sweat management and comfort. Another feature for this product is its Heat Exchange foam technology to help keep you cool. They are never heavy or loose because these guards are specially designed to form to you. The leg guards feature the standard Rawlings logo and look as professional, protective, and tough yet comfortable as they feel.

It s always best to buy from a company that has given their customers the best time and time again. Few companies are as experienced or reliable as Rawlings. For over one hundred years, the excellent quality of this company s products has not dropped off one bit. As a result, Rawlings remains one of the top baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry today. These guards look professional, feel great, and most of all, protect to the highest level. These guards are high-quality while also coming at an affordable price; one of the best values on the market today! Order the Rawlings Intermediate Velo Leg Guards on the Baseball Bargains website now!