Rawlings Intermediate Velo Fastpitch Chest Protector

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Rawlings Intermediate Velo Fastpitch Chest Protector

Rawlings Intermediate Velo Fastpitch Chest Protector

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Rawlings Intermediate Velo Fastpitch Chest Protector

When people talk about the Rawlings Company, they often speak of their amazing fielding gloves. After all, the Major League Baseball gold glove award is sponsored by the manufacturer. But Rawlings provides players with plenty of other great fielding tools too. One of those tools is the Rawlings Intermediate Velo Fastpitch Chest Protector. This chest protector can help any developing young softball catcher be at their best during their next season of play. This product also has impact-absorbing foam. The foam help makes the protector light weight and comfortable on your chest. This is an item that will not only protect you, but give you plenty of mobility behind the plate. AB wedges on the protector will make sure you stay safe if a ball does make contact with your chest, and help give you added rebound control.

The chest protector also has a new lightweight and flexible design, that provides catchers with unrestricted motion out on the field. This Chest Protector has an attractive look, and is available to order in lots of great color options. Coming from Rawlings this product will fail to disappoint. Rawlings has been in business since 1887 and is one of the most reputable companies in the game.

Rawlings Velo Chest Protector

Over the years the quality of this company s products has amazingly not dropped off one bit. Rawlings remains one of the top baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry today. With this Chest Protector, the Rawlings company has truly made a gold glove caliber chest protector. This protector will keep the catcher using it healthy, and help them perform great behind the plate. This durable product will also last through multiple seasons and many years to come. The item comes at a fantastic price, so do not hesitate to order it from the Baseball Bargains website today.