Rawlings Glovolium

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Rawlings Glovolium | G25GII

Rawlings Glovolium | G25GII

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Rawlings Glovolium:

Rawlings Glovolium is more than just glove oil. This very inexpensive product is the key to prolonging the life of your baseball or softball glove. Glovolium acts like a glove oil when breaking in you glove. It softens the leather and allows you to shape you glove by repeatedly opening and closing the glove or mitt. The best way to do this is to simply have a catch. The constant pounding of the ball into the glove shapes the pocket.

The advanced formula contains natural emollients to soften and break in your glove. They also help to preserve and protect you glove. The formula also contains cleaning agents that assist in breaking in your glove and also help preserve it when you treat the glove periodically. Rawlings Glovolium is not just used to break in your glove. You should use it to keep your glove laces strong and to remove any stains from dirt and wear and tear. Giving your glove a light treatment once per month is highly recommended to keep your glove healthy and able to last a long time.

Not Just a Glove Oil

Rawlings Glovolium is different from traditional glove oil in that it does not weigh down your glove. Just a light coat starts to break in process and keeps your glove from getting a heavy feel that would hurt your reaction time when fielding ground balls. The key is the lanoline that is in the Glovolium. It keeps the liquid from soaking in and weighing down the glove.

For such a small investment you can extend the life of your glove for many years. The key to the success is to make sure that you treat the glove periodically. If you neglect to take care of your glove, it will break down sooner than later. So, make sure to have a bottle of Glovolium in your equipment bag all year long. Your glove and your wallet will thank you.

  • Best selling glove oil
  • 4 ounce bottle
  • G25GII