Rawlings Glove Oil Spray

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Rawlings Glove Oil Spray | G25XL

Rawlings Glove Oil Spray | G25XL

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Rawlings Glove Oil Spray

The Rawlings Glove oil spray is the largest bottle available of their patented Glovolium. Glovolium is one of the best tools to help break in your baseball or softball glove. The bottle holds eight ounces of Rawlings premier glove treatment fluid. Glovolium is ideal for use to break in, maintan, and clean your glove. The formula helps to soften the leather. So a light spay all over the entire glove prior to working the glove will help break down the difficult areas of the glove. The trigger spray makes it easy to control the light coating of the glove. Contrary to the old methods, you do not want to soak the glove in the Rawlings glove oil spray. All that will do is make the glove heavy. A heavy glove is more cumbersome. Therefore, you will lose quickness in the field if you saturate the glove in oil.

Rawlings Glovolium Glove Treatment

When breaking in your glove, you can repeat light treatments on the difficult areas of the glove. These areas tend to be the heel of the glove and the top lacing of the webbing. If you can get those two areas to be very pliable, you will then be able to for the pocket by having repetitious catches. Once your glove is ready for game play, you should use the Rawlings glove oil spray to maintain and preserve your glove. Again, very light coats on the laces and on any areas showing wear and tear will help keep your glove strong and pliable. Finally, the third use for the glovolium spray is a a cleanser. If you notice dirt in the pocket or on the outside of your glove, you can spray on the spots in question and wipe with a clean rag. If you consistently clean and treat your glove with the Rawlings glove oil spray you will help your glove last a very long season. So this very inexpensive glove treatment will save you tons of money over the years by removing the need to purchase another glove. Therefore, it is a must purchase if you are playing baseball or softball.
  • Glovolium goes EXTRA Large.
  • Now the best-selling Glove treatment
  • Oil an entire Glove in seconds
  • Great for new Gloves
  • 8 ounce bottle
  • Trigger spray bottle
  • G25XL