Rawlings FORCEJ Quarter-Zip Jacket

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Rawlings FORCEJ Quarter-Zip Jacket

Rawlings FORCEJ Quarter-Zip Jacket

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Rawlings FORCEJ Quarter-Zip Jacket

The Rawlings FORCEJ Quarter-Zip Jacket is a one of a kind jacket. To start, the look of it. One-quarter zip jackets are a great look in the game of baseball. These jackets have become one of the essentials to a game when it is cold outside. They have a high collar to protect your neck from the cold. And they have a white color stream on the neck and shoulders. It keeps the jacket from being plain and gives it some flare. Secondly, they make this out of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The 5% of the spandex plays a big role on the jacket as it gives it a more comfortable feel. The spandex makes it able to stretch and when it does stretch not restrict you. You can throw without restriction and stretch without restriction.

Rawlings Jacket Features

Also, if you have to put things in your pockets while you warm up to help but don t need it at the time, they have side pockets with zippers to keep it from dropping. It makes it easier to hold things while you are throwing, running, or stretching. Lastly, at the bottom they have a straight hem with a drawstring cord. If you aren t a fan of the loose clothing while you are warming up you can pull the string to tighten you jacket. It is a basic addition but all the additions add up to make a great one-quarter zip jacket. Choosing a product from a great brand is essential. You know these brands are going to give you the best equipment and apparel out there. With Rawlings, you are getting a great company name to back the gear. You know they are going to give you a great jacket with great materials. So, pick yours up from Baseball Bargains today!
  • Body: 95% polyester/5% spandex fabric with white inserts
  • Two (2) zipper front pockets
  • Straight hem with a drawsting cord
  • Men s sizes: S-3XL
  • Youth Sizes: M-L
  • Model: FRCJ