Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P

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Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P

Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P

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Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P Features:

If you are looking for the perfect mix of comfortability and mobility from your uniform pants this season, look no further. The Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P have a unique build that players will love. The pants not only look terrific alongside most uniform tops, but also feel amazing on a player s lower body. Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P are created in a semi-relaxed fit design. Hence, players will never feel that these pants are restricting their movement out on the field. The style of these pants gives players a terrific lower body fit, that is neither too loose or too tight. These are pants that will not ride up or sag on you. The pants also feature an inseam with a finished hem without elastic, as well as 1/8" piping that runs down the leg for a great look. These are pants made for adult male players, and come in adult male sizes of small, medium, large, extra-large, and XX-large. This item should work great for just about any adult man, no matter what size they are. The pants come in a main color of white or grey. So, they can serve as both home or road uniforms. Along with the main color, consumers can choose what color they would like the piping along the side of the pants to be. Color combination options include Grey/Black, Grey/Dark Green, Grey/Navy, Grey/Royal, Grey/Scarlet, White/Black, White/Dark Green, White/Navy, White/Royal, and White/Scarlet. Therefore, these options make it easy to customize your pants to the colors of the team you play for. The Rawlings Adult Plated Piped Pants PRO150P will give you plenty of confidence as you take the field this season. So, order them now on our Baseball Bargains website at a great low price tag.
  • Semi relaxed fit pant
  • 1/8 inch piping
  • Inseam - S (31 inch), M and L (33 inch), XL and XXL (34 inch)
  • No Elastic
  • PRO150P