Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR

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Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR

Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR

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Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR Features:

When it comes to adult catchers, knee health is always a top priority. Experienced catchers, with lots of innings already behind them can keep their knees feeling fresh by purchasing the Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR. The supports are some of the best and most reliable knee guards on the market today. They will make any adult catcher s season much more pleasant. The Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR provides knees with a tremendous amount of support and cushioning. The design of this item makes squatting behind the plate a much easier experience for players. This product will help reduce the amount of stress on an older catcher s knee. It will also help relieve any joint pain they might experience. They are also easy to attach to any pair of catcher s leg guards. This item is extremely light, and will never weigh down the knees of the catcher. Players will always maintain a great amount of mobility and flexibility when using this knee saver. The product is intended for adult players, although there is also a youth version of this knee saver, RKRY, on the Baseball Bargains website. It comes in a fantastic looking black design, and proudly displays the Rawlings company logo. When buying a product, it s never a bad idea to do so from a company that you knowt. Few companies are more experienced than Rawlings, the maker of this adult knee reliever. They are an organization that has been around since 1887. Over the years the quality of this company s products has amazingly not dropped off one bit. Rawlings remains one of the top baseball and softball equipment providers in the industry today. Every catcher should make sure these Rawlings Adult Knee Reliever RKR are cushioning their knees as they take the field this season. They will help ensure that catchers have an enjoyable and stress-free baseball or softball year. Thus they will keep them playing at their best. These supports come at a great low price. So add them to your Baseball Bargains shopping cart today. Order as soon as possible!
  • Provides cushion and support to knee
  • Attaches directly to any leg guards
  • Black only
  • RKR