Old Hickory Maple Bat P100

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Old Hickory Maple Bat P100

Old Hickory Maple Bat P100

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Old Hickory Maple Bat P100

The Old Hickory P100 is specifically designed for power hitters! Cut to the C243 profile, the P100 has a huge barrel with one of the largest sweet spots of any bat profile made today.  The large barrel has a medium taper to a thin handle with a slight flare into the knob. This bat is engineered to be end heavy to deliver max force at impact. Definitely a recommended model for a stronger player who prefers more of the bat weight in the barrel of the bat.

Old Hickory Bats

Old Hickory bats have quickly become some of the most popular bats. This is because of the quality materials used in every bat they make. All of the Old Hickory maple bats have the ink dot test regardless of the level of play.  This test has been mandatory since 2009. It shows the slope of the grain of each bat and allows the slope to be measured. The straighter the grains through this area, the stronger the bat will be.This is a sure fire way to ensure that you are receiving the same quality Old Hickory maple bats that the professional players use.

Dimensions : 2 9/16 barrel (large), 29/32 handle (thin), standard knob with slight flare

red oak barrel and natural handle