Nokona Walnut W-1200C 12 in Baseball Glove

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Nokona Walnut W-1200C 12 in Baseball Glove

Nokona Walnut W-1200C 12 in Baseball Glove

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Nokona Walnut W-1200C 12 in Baseball Glove Features:

The Nokona Walnut W-1200C 12 inch Baseball Glove represents the tradition of fine craftsmanship you expect from Nokona. For nearly a century Nokona has consistently developed gloves capable of outperforming and outshining the competition. The Walnut Leather is a few ounces heavier but with more stability in key areas of the glove. The W1200C is an in between size model. It is usable at both the third base position and on the pitcheräóÁ—璢?’£í«Œ¢s mound. At 12" it gives you optimal length for snagging baseballs at the hot corner while the closed basket web design gives you ample coverage to hide pitch adjustments from batters. A shearling lining in the wrist and fingers area is consistent with Nokona s goals of building gloves that not only provide elite level of play but elite level of comfort as well. The Nokona Walnut W-1200C has a rich and rugged feel. The glove has substance. When you put it on for the first time it feels like it forms to your hand. The glove can handle a sizable hand. It is not for the young travel player whose hand has yet to fully mature. It would be too much glove for them to control. But the strapping high school hurler will feel at home with this model on his hand. It is available for both right and left hand throwers. Nokona is a name that s been in the industry a long time. They have been making gloves since 1934. Their products are some of the most durable in the industry. Nokona manufactures their gloves here in the USA. So buy with national pride. You know that long hours of design and craftsmanship are put into each and every model Nokona makes.
  • Contemporary Styling
  • Open Back with Shearling Walnut Tanned Cowhide
  • Utility Model
  • W-1200C