Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in Baseball Glove

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Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in Baseball Glove

Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in Baseball Glove

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The new Special Edition Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in baseball glove is constructed with soft, uniquely coloredCobalt Blue premium steerhide which provides a comfortable feel and unsurpassed durability. The Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in Baseball Glove is a brand new product to live up to Nokona s great name. It is even more special in comparison to other Nokona gloves because it is special edition. This navy blue edition is something that nobody has ever seen, as no other glove can compete with the extreme quality of this glove. This is all because of the innovation and craftsmanship that is at the Nokona factories. The glove s top grain steerhide produces a durable, yet extremely soft glove. You will simply not regret purchasing this fantastic glove from Nokona.

The features of the Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in are what make it such a great glove. Starting with its Top grain steerhide, this glove s perks are endless. Its I-web is extremely popular among infielders and adds to the great look of the glove. In addition, its Conventional Back provides comfort and stability to this great glove. This will also make every player have a secure and fitting feel. The soft feel that comes with this great leather helps keep players hands soft, so they can make plays from anywhere on the field.

Nokona provides with the excellent Nokona Cobalt-XFT 11.5 in Baseball Glove. So, for elite infielders all over the world coming to this great company is a must, as it will provide you with one of the best gloves on the market. This great glove comes at a great price considering how well the crafting of the glove is. All Nokona gloves are made in Nocona, Texas, which is right here in the United States. If you want to have an American made glove, then come right here and get this wonderful glove. Pick it up today on our Baseball Bargains website!