Nokona Alpha S-130 10.5 inch First Base Glove

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Nokona Alpha S-130 10.5 inch First Base Glove

Nokona Alpha S-130 10.5 inch First Base Glove

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Nokona Alpha S-130 10.5 inch Youth First Base Glove

The Nokona Alpha S-130 10.5 inch First Base Glove gives the younger player one of the best options in the game. A great feeling and well performing glove can help any player to improve their performance on the field. At a young age it is extremely important to realize how important the first base position is. The last step of a routine ground ball is the first baseman catching the ball. Because of this, being the first baseman is extremely important. So, you need a great glove to ensure you can catch everything that comes your way. With this you know that you have something to rely on no matter what happens. The features of this glove are truly what make it a masterpiece for you to dominate at first base. The glove is made of American Bison and Steerhide leathers. This combination of leathers lets you have an extremely lightweight and durable glove that leaves you with the sky as the limit. This results in an extremely high performing glove that leaves you with soft, quick hands which is extremely important at first base. The closed web leaves you with a great classic look to your glove, so you can love your glove for both its performance and looks.

Nokona Youth First Base Glove

Everyone all over the baseball world knows the Nokona name for their precision and excellent quality. They make their gloves in America to ensure that their gloves are the best in the game. When you put on a Nokona glove, you simply will not want to take it off. They give you extreme comfort while also giving you the best durability in the game. So, come to the Baseball Bargains website and come get the Nokona Alpha S-130 10.5 inch First Base Glove today! Model: S-130C