Nokona Alpha S-120 30 inch Catchers Mitt

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Nokona Alpha S-120 30 inch Catchers Mitt

Nokona Alpha S-120 30 inch Catchers Mitt

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Nokona Alpha S-120 30 inch Catchers Mitt

The Nokona Alpha S-120 30 inch Catchers Mitt gives young players an excellent catchers glove that allows you to catch every single ball that comes your way. The glove for a catcher may be the most important piece of equipment they have. So, they need to have an excellent piece of leather in order to keep their game improving. A great glove can truly improve how you play. It can boost your confidence and leave you more comfortable on the field. When you have this mindset, you play your best baseball. So, as you decide to make a decision for a glove, make sure you buy from a reliable brand.

Nokona Youth Catchers Mitt

Nokona is a brand that always helps its customers, so you can always rely on them. The leather of this glove makes this glove the best it can possibly be. This glove uses American Bison and steerhide leather to give you the best combination of leathers in the glove. This combination of leathers give you both a lightweight and durable glove making the best combination features of a glove. This is because you can have quick hands for a quick transition to be able to throw people out. Also, you will be able to play as hard as you can because the durability allows you to not worry if your glove is going to break. So, with this you simply get an excellent piece of leather to take your game to the next level.


The Nokona brand is one of the best glove companies in the game of baseball. This is because of the great precision they have when they make their glove. Their gloves are made in the United States, so show your patriotic colors and get this great glove. So, come to the Baseball Bargains website to pick up this item today! Model: S-120C