Nokona Alpha AB-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove

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Nokona Alpha AB-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove

Nokona Alpha AB-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove

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Nokona Alpha AB-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove:

The Nokona Alpha Ab-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove is ideal for third base and the pitchers mound. More often than not third basemen possess one of the strongest throwing arms on any given baseball team. It is common then that this superior arm finds its way to the pitchers mound . This is where that arm strength can be utilized to over power hitters. For the player that finds himself manning both the hot corner and the pitchers mound this Nokona glove is just for you. The Alpha AB-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove offers the flexibility for use at both positions . So, with one of these baseball gloves you can play almost anywhere on the field. It starts with the size. At 12 inches these Nokona baseball gloves is ideal for third base and all of the quick thinking demands put on those playing this position. It has a deep enough pocket to secure the ball on those diving plays. However,these Nokona gloves are shallow enough to allow you to find the ball easily for a quick exchange to the throwing hand. Thus, you will have a quick release to get the ball across the diamond with one of these Nokona gloves.

Nokona Baseball Gloves

The size also allows pitchers to adjust their grips and make last second changes without tipping off hitters. This is important as you want to make sure to keep hitters off balance. But the real selling point for the Alpha AB-1200 12 inch Baseball Glove is the soft form fitting feel. It may really come down to the leather, however because once you slip your hand into the hybrid mix of flawless Stampede Steerhide and authentic Buffalo leather you will understand that these Nokona gloves simply feel better, play better and last longer. A closed web design provides the last bit of cover from batters or coaches looking for a peek at your next pitch. It also doubles as reinforcement to help keep baseballs securely in the pocket. The company has been producing some of the best baseball gloves on the market for decades. Their expert craftsmanship and high grade leathers give their Nokona gloves a comfort and durability that is second to none.

Nokona Gloves Features:

  • Closed Web
  • Open Back
  • Buffalo Stampede Leather
  • AB-1200