Mizuno Runbird Knee Savers

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Mizuno Runbird Knee Savers

Mizuno Runbird Knee Savers

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Mizuno Knee Savers

The Mizuno Runbird knee savers is anatomically-designed with pre-curved padding to fit and move with you. Breathable DryLite lining keeps you cool and memory foam keeps you comfortable while crouching. Create a personalized fit with its multiple straps for customization. Save your knees for the rest of your career with these all new knee savers. Mizuno is a top brand that produces extremely good products over and over again. So, add some longevity to your career behind the plate and invest in the Mizuno Runbird Knee Wedge today. One game behind the plate will not destroy your knees. However, hundreds of games and practices each year will. Every time you wear this knee saver is one less time you have to walk in pain later on as an adult.

Mizuno Knee Wedge

One of the ways that the Mizuno Knee Wedge becomes particularly effective is for practice. Even if you prefer to go without the knee wedges for games, using them for practice or catching bullpens can be beneficial. It is always hard to quantify the effect of long term catching on the knees. By using knee wedges sparingly or exclusively while catching can go a long way towards adding longevity to a players career. The design of the Mizuno Runbird knee savers is based off of decades of supplying catchers with some of the best gear in the world. Anatomical considerations and special durable construction make for a long-lasting and comfortable feel every time. DryLite lining added to the material wicks away moisture. Therefore, these catchers knee savers will keep the back of your legs dry even on those sweltering hot summer days. So, get your Mizuno Runbird knee savers today at Baseball Bargains.

Catchers Knee Savers Features:

  • Anatomical design
  • Supports knee
  • Memory foam lined
  • DryLite Lining
  • Multiple strap
  • 380424 - Large
  • 380425 - Small