Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace 480111

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Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace 480111

Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace 480111

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Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace Features:

The Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace is a specially created Ankle Brace that is outfitted with the exclusive Dynamotion Fit. This fit allows greater range of motion and doesn t restrict movement. The brace has a Polyester/Nylon/Rubber blend. It has an Auxiliary belt that creates the signature íëí_’�?Figure 8íë_? stability. The brace is extremely easy to apply. In addition to the functional Auxiliary belt, the Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace is equipped with V shaped, Under Heel and Anchored Wraps to offer complete and comfortable security that supports all the necessary areas of the foot. Anti-bacterial and deodorizing fibers help reduce moisture and unsavory smells to complete a player friendly, confident design. This design offers the protection dedicated athletes are looking for. This particular model is for the right foot. Mizuno also offers a left foot version as well. Both of the Mizuno DXS2 ankle brace models are available on our website. So, get the one you need, or get them both to give you that extra support on both ankles.

Mizuno DXS2 Ankle Brace

The Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace 480111 was originally designed by Mizuno for their volleyball equipment line. However, the brace has been taking the sports world by storm. The support and comfort of the brace has been helping athletes from all sports deal with ankle weakness and ankle injuries. It serves as an injury support and also as an injury deterrent. The Mizuno Right DXS2 Ankle Brace comes from the Mizuno company. They have proven to be an innovator in the sporting goods industry. This brace is just one of the many products that Mizuno has created to assist athletes to be the best they can while competing. The brace also has a left ankle version. It is available as a separate listing on the BaseballBargains website. You should have both versions as part of precaution. Don t wait until you are out of commision to purchase them. So, add both Mizuno DXS2 ankle brace models to your shopping cart today. You will be able to stay on the field or on the court for the entire season.
  • Dynamotion fit
  • Anti bacterial
  • Optional side support inserts
  • 480111