Mizuno Prospect 11 inch Infield Youth Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Prospect 11 inch Infield Youth Baseball Glove

Mizuno Prospect 11 inch Infield Youth Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Prospect 11 inch Infield Youth Baseball Glove features:

The Full Grain Leather Shell of the Mizuno Prospect 11 inch provides great durability. PowerClose Technology makes catching the ball as easy as can be. Additionally, the built-in Parashock Palm Pad absorbs the shock of repeated use. This also provides outstanding protection and ideal comfort. Next, the ButterSoft Palm Liner provides more of the same in durability, feel, and comfort. The MZO Lining disperses sweat away from the skin. In addition, the Mizuno PowerLock creates the simplest, most secure fit possible. A ParaFlex Palm maximizes palm flexibility. Alternate lace patterns courtesy of HiLo Lacing also retain the integrity of a fully laced web. Lastly, a FlexBridge Hinge allows the glove to close more efficiently with less hand restriction. So, these attributes all do their part in contributing to one of the hottest gloves in the game.
  • 11 inch
  • Mzuno Youth Glove
  • Full Grain Leather Shell
  • PowerClose Technology
  • Parashock Palm Pad
  • ButterSoft Palm Liner
  • MZO Lining
  • PowerLock
  • Paraflex Palm
  • HiLo Lacing
  • FlexBridge Hinge
  • 11.00 in. size
  • Deep III web

Mizuno Dependability and Additional Features:

With Mizuno products, you know what you re getting: Comfort, performance, and style. The Mizuno Prospect 11 inch Infield Youth Baseball Glove is no exception. It is a glove every youth player deserves to get their career off-and-running from the very onset. Why try your hand elsewhere when you know Mizuno will provide you with the quickest path to greatness? The glove is so snug fitting that no young infielder will turn it down. Fielding might be overwhelming at an early age. Especially with the closer proximity to the immediate action. But with the Mizuno Prospect 11 inch glove, no infielder will wish the ball is hit to someone else ever again. The glove emits poise and breeds confident ballplayers. When you wear it, there s nothing you can t catch. If the sky is your limit, this glove will help you reach for the stars. So buy your Mizuno Prospect 11 inch Infield Youth Baseball Glove from Baseball Bargains today and you will be well on your way! SKU: 312960