Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove

Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 inch Infield Baseball Glove:

The Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove will turn any average defender into a Gold Glove caliber one. It s an essential piece of fielding hardware that emphasizes advanced comfort and feel throughout all of its features. The glove s pocket sits perfectly beneath a T Web built to stop runs. Additionally, premium-grade US Steerhide leather provides more of the same high-comfort, feel, and performance. Built-in Player Pocket Designs are designed specifically to a player s needs during the break-in process. Classified "Regular," the Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove is the ideal choice for all right-handed infielders. Middle infielders will turn double plays with more efficiency. Third basemen can man the hot corner without fear. It s a highly desirable glove for its incredibly high quality. If you wear this glove, you will lead your team to victory from opening day right on through the championship game.

Mizuno Dependability and Additional Features:

Mizuno prides themselves on being one of, if not the most trustworthy brand in all of baseball. So why try your hand elsewhere when you know what you are getting with Mizuno? The company manufacturers their gloves with the customer in mind at all times. Thus, you will never find better customer service than you will with Mizuno either. The Mizuno Pro Select 11.75 Infield Baseball Glove is a premier glove because of how confident a player will feel while wearing it. As a result, it will turn any average infielder into a bona fide defensive specialist. With a clear mind, the player can focus on mechanics and let the glove take care of the rest. You will never be labelled a one-dimensional ballplayer ever again. Now, you will be just as known for your your skills in the batter s box as you are for your defensive abilities. So, buy yours from Baseball Bargains today and you will become a fielding machine by tomorrow!

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