Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J 11.5 in Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J 11.5 in Baseball Glove

Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J 11.5 in Baseball Glove

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Those searching for the most efficient glove around will love the Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J 11.5 in Baseball Glove. This is an ideal glove that every infielder with a love of the game will want on the field. The Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J uses top-of-the-line Northern European Kip Leather that is very durable. The make-up of this mitt includes extremely tight fibers for added strength. It also comes in a beautiful Chestnut coloring and uses a Japanese tanning process exclusive to Mizuno. This helps to give the glove perfectly conditioned leather. When your Mizuno Pro glove becomes worn from the duress of the game, you can recondition it. The one-time Off Season Reconditioning Program allows you to send it in to restore it to like-new quality. Another unique feature of this mitt is its roll welting. The roll welting gives it a fresh look and also creates stability through the fingers. Longtime players of the game know all about the aches and pains that come along with the game. Having protective and comfortable equipment when out on the field is extremely important. A great fitting and well-padded glove is major for all defenders looking to play at a Gold Glove-level on the field. The Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J baseball glove provides just that. It helps to keep the players that use it comfortable and pain-free and therefore, play great out on the diamond. The mitt is 11.5 inches in size in a right-hand-throw only design. It features a Deep III web, and is a great choice for players in infield positions. Mizuno has been around for over a century, and knows exactly what players truly need to succeed: reliability, durability, and comfort. This season, do not take any chances using a glove that will leave your hand feeling stiff and uncomfortable out on the field. Make sure you are always able to play to the best of your ability with the Mizuno Pro Limited GMP400J. At a very affordable price, this glove is a must buy for any baseball players looking to see their game reach new heights. Order this item on Baseball Bargains today!