Mizuno Prime Elite Catchers Mitt GPE335C

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Mizuno Prime Elite Catchers Mitt GPE335C

Mizuno Prime Elite Catchers Mitt GPE335C

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Mizuno Prime Elite Catchers Mitt GPE335C

The Mizuno Prime Elite catchers mitt GPE335C is perfect for those who want a top of the line catcher s mitt. Each of these special Mizuno gloves has been carefully handcrafted by the incredible Mizuno technicians in Haga, Japan. The design gives users a glove that looks great and feels great. Because the construction is great, it will last players over the course of many seasons. This is a glove model that every serious catcher will want on the field with them. The brand-new Mizuno Prime Elite catchers mitt GPE335C 33.5" has a Classic Pro Soft Design. The tanned leather is high quality Japanese tanned leather. The material of this glove includes incredibly tight fibers, and a proprietary tanning. These two features give the mitt a perfectly conditioned leather, that is stronger than previous Mizuno Pro models. The speed drive technology, also gives the glove the perfect amount of balance, helps players have the fastest reaction times out on the field as possible. Long-time catchers know all the aches and pains the game can bring. Because of this they know the importance of having comfortable equipment while out on the field. A glove that fits great and has enough padding is extremely vital for all defenders. This Mizuno baseball can keep players using it comfortable and pain-free. Because of this they can do great things out on the diamond. The Mizuno Prime Elite catchers mitt GPE335C is 33.50 inches in size. This glove is exclusively for the right handed throwing player. This particular model come in a fantastic black coloring.

Mizuno Catchers Mitt

This manufacturer has been around for over a century, and knows what players truly need to succeed out on the field including this Mizuno catchers mitt. Because of this, the baseball catchers glove comes from one of the best and most reliable sporting goods companies in the industry, in Mizuno. When it comes to sporting goods equipment that you plan on using at a frequent level for multiple years, going to an experienced seller like Mizuno is never a bad idea. This season, do not take any chances by using a glove that will leave your hand feeling stiff and uncomfortable out on the field. Make sure you are always able to defend at your best, with the Mizuno Prime Elite catchers mitt GPE335C. This product comes at a very competitive price too, and is a must buy for any baseball players looking to see their defensive game reach new heights. Order this item on Baseball Bargains website now!

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