Mizuno Franchise 11 in Infield Glove GFN1100B4

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Mizuno Franchise 11 in Infield Glove GFN1100B4

Mizuno Franchise 11 in Infield Glove GFN1100B4

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Mizuno Franchise 11 in Infield Glove GFN1100B4

The Mizuno Franchise 11 in innfield glove GFN1100B4 is constructed to give you a gold glove caliber type of glove, while still being affordable for almost every player. The Mizuno Franchise has multiple different features that contribute to making the glove extremely soft and comfortable. The glove is anatomically designed to give the player a perfect fit and feel that most gloves can t compete with. It also has a brand new MZO lining that will help to keep your hand cool. More cool features that his glove has are both the Parashock Plus Palm Pad and the PST back design. The construction of the Parashock Plus Palm Pad is to lessen the impact of the ball, which reduces the sting. The PST back design works to give you a larger and more stable pocket that will help catch the ball. The glove also features hi-lo lacing that is their to help the durability and toughness on the glove. But even though the glove is durable and tough, it will also be flexible and soft. This Mizuno Franchise Model is 11 inches, making it good for both infielders and pitchers. The glove has a tartan closed web that will help hide your pitch selection on the mound. For the gloves looks, it comes in a brown leather shell that has light tan lacing and stitching.

Mizuno Infield Glove

With the up and coming players in mind, Mizuno has created this glove to give you maximum performance for an affordable cost. Mizuno creates products that a player can rely on, no matter whether your in little league or you are playing in the big leagues, Mizuno has a product for you. Get ready to become a force in the field with the Mizuno Franchise 11 in infield glove GFN1100B4. Order right here, right now from Baseball Bargains. 

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