Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG Infield Baseball Glove

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  • Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG
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Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG Infield Baseball Glove

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Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG Infield Baseball Glove:

The Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG Infield Baseball Glove is a staple of the baseball market. It features Comfortable hand based patterns, Java Leather, HiLo Lacing, and MZO Lining. This quartet of excellence provides a pro-shape, long last, flexibility, and dispersed perspiration, respectively. The hand based patterns set the pocket of the glove right below its Deep III webbing. The tumbled Java material comes pre-oiled. The glove s lacing is presented in an alternating lace pattern to retain the integrity of a fully-laced web. Lastly, the MZO Lining offers an equally unique outer and inner appearance throughout the glove. If you want the glove that is going to impress on the way to success, then look no further. The Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG Infield Baseball Glove is the glove for you.

Mizuno Dependability and Additional Features:

Mizuno prides themselves on being one of, if not the most trustworthy brand in the game. So why try your hand elsewhere? With Mizuno, you can count on three things: Comfort, performance, and style. And the Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG is no exception. It will perfectly blend a slick-look and slick-feel while sending you well on your way to a Gold Glove caliber career. In addition, the glove s light feel is the best, least constrictive option. With its top-of-the-line MZO Lining, your skin will never receive irritation from your glove ever again. With the game on the line, a ballplayer might hope that the ball get hits somewhere other than at them. But the Mizuno Franchise GFN1150BG Infield Baseball Glove will have you demanding the ball get hit your way each pitch. With confidence comes dominance, and with dominance comes an infinitely soaring fielding percentage. So field at the top of your game by purchasing your GFN1150BG from Baseball Bargains today. If you do, you will be preserving victory after victory for your team by season s end! SKU: 312593