Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13

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Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13

Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13

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Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13

The Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13 is created in collaboration with Jennie Finch's premier softball brand. It is constructed with the softball player's specific needs in focus. MZ-2200+ Alloy Metal provides an extremely lightweight design and feel. A cushioned grip completes the Mizuno Finch bat, lending ultimate comfort and further enhancing its soft feel and make-up. If you want to be a pro-caliber softball player, you first have to ask, "What would a pro do?" So take it from Jennie Finch, arguably the greatest softball player around. If she deems a bat capable of doing damage against even the more elite pitchers like herself, then it is probably going to do just that. The Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13 will put more fear in the opposing pitcher than any other bat. When they see that Jennie Finch Bat accompanying you as the batter, their confidence will undoubtedly shatter.

Mizuno Finch Bat - The Jennie Finch Bat:

The Jennie Finch bat is available in a white and rose gold design. With white as the base color, marks are easily detectable. This allows you to see and study the imprints to help for future at-bats. Adjustments are in order if there are too many marks near the handle or the end cap and not enough on the sweet spot. Where else can you can get a bat that s look alone will actually aid in the hitting instruction process? Add that to the super light weight design of the Mizuno Finch bat and success is waiting for you in the batters box. Mizuno prides themselves on being one of, if not the most trustworthy brand in the game. So why try your hand elsewhere? Mizuno products guarantee bonafide excellence. The Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat comes in 27" through 33" and has a 2 1/4" barrel. Buy your Mizuno Finch Fastpitch Softball Bat -13 from Baseball Bargains today and you will be swinging for the fences by tomorrow! SKU: 340663

  • Jennie Finch Collection: Created in collaboration with Jennie Finch with the softball player's specific needs in focus.
  • MZ-2200+ Alloy: Lightweight, durable design, while providing better performance.
  • Speed-Helix™ Grip: Designed to provide comfort and durability.
  • Lightweight
  • USSSA Approved: Approved for USSSA play.
  • NSA Approved: Approved for NSA play.
  • ISA Approved: Approved for ISA play.