Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts

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Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts

Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts

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Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts:

The Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts feature lightweight fabric and moisture wicking material much like its adult version. This type of composition enables sweat absorption. Thus the player stays cool at all times. These shorts are a popular staple within the youth market. Mobile and efficient, the shorts are a top protective undergarment because they offer compactness and non-irritative constriction. Its well-crafted exterior design is outdone by its interior benefits. Mizuno is as trustworthy of a brand as any other top company out there. They offer their elite caliber Comp Youth Training Shorts to complement their other top-of-the-line products. Not only will Mizuno provide you external comfort and a slick look, but it ll make you feel comfortable under the surface as well. Lastly, the shorts are as long lasting as most Mizuno s products are known to be. As a result, they re bound to provide you protection for this season and beyond. This is never a bad thing.

Mizuno Shorts:

The Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts also feature side seam pockets and a soft touch elastic waistband. The Comp training shorts include an 11 in. seam and a 10 in. seam. It has a wide assortment of different colors to choose from, like Black, Grey, Navy, Red, and Royal as well. Inside of the Mizuno Mens Comp Trainer is special DryLite Technology. True to its name, this technology also actively works to keep athletes dry. The sweat preventing technology is part of a complete player-friendly design. This design has lead to one of the most comfortable pair of shorts Mizuno has ever made. In addition, the reduction of moisture stops the shorts from restricting movements. This allows athletes to focus more on the task at hand. Buy your pair of Mizuno Comp Youth Training Shorts from Baseball Bargains today. You ll be feeling more comfortable than you ve ever felt before! SKU:350624