Marucci Trea Turner Pro Model Maple Wood Bat TVT

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Marucci Trea Turner Pro Model Maple Wood Bat TVT

Marucci Trea Turner Pro Model Maple Wood Bat TVT

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Marucci Trea Turner Pro Model Maple Wood Bat TVT

The Marucci Trea Turner pro model maple wood bat TVT is designed for contact. Trea Turners quick play style is the inspiration behind this maple bat model.  Looking up to players can be very helpful. This is because you may take some of their playing style and implement into their game. So, by doing this you ll be ready to take extra bases like it's nothing just because you want to be like Trea. Also, you may just love the feel of this bat and it will make you hit better. The shape of this bat allows you for you to have a slightly end loaded feel at the plate and be a true contact hitter like Trea Turners. Being a contact hitter is underrated because of the glory of the home run, but anyone knows that getting on base is the best thing you can do for your team. Also, along with the thin handle and traditional barrel you'll have great control over your bat to hit the ball with ease. The traditional barrel will let you pop the ball into whichever direction you choose to.

Marucci TVT- Trea Turner Bat Model Features

The wood of a bat truly makes it either a great bat or a bad one. With Marucci, you know you are getting one of the best qualities of wood in the game. Marucci handcrafts this bat with top-quality maple wood for great durability and pop. This quality is certified by its big league ink dot. Marucci even bone rubs their bat for more durability and pop. So, come get this great bat today at the Baseball Bargains website!

  • Knob: Tapered
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Medium/Large
  • Feel: End-Loaded
  • Finish: PRO-X
  • Handcrafted from top-quality maple
  • Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  • Great transition bat from aluminum to wood
  • Big League-grade ink dot certified
  • Extended 60-day warranty
  • Made in the USA