Marucci JB19 Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

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Marucci JB19 Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

Marucci JB19 Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

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Marucci JB19 Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

The Marucci JB19 Pro Model Maple Wood Bat is one of two models for the slugger Jose Bautista that lets players play like a pro. This second design gives another set of players the ability to look up to Joeybats. Differing from the Joeybats19 model, different players like different shapes, so this model opens up to even more Bautista fans. It s a great thing to look up to a player because you set your goals high to be like them. With this, Marucci makes an exceptional bat so players can not only look up to a player but have a quality bat to hit with. It truly is one of the best Marucci wood bat models for sale on our website.

Marucci Wood Bats

The shape of this bat make it a great bat to swing and be precise with. It s overall balanced feel is at the forefront of its main features. other great features of this bat include a traditional knob, and medium handle, and a traditional barrel. Each of these features allow for the best possible solution to a balanced bat. The traditional feel of the bat also will get you back to the roots of the game and just play for fun. So, dreaming big, it s still important to play the game just for fun, because that s when you play your best. It doesn't hurt to use one of the best Marucci bat models available.

Marucci Jose Bautista Bat Features

Although, the shape of the bat is extremely important, the wood of the bat is even more important. Marucci uses top-quality maple wood in their bats in order to provide the best pop in this bat. Also, they handcraft the bat for even more precision. By increasing the density of the bat Marucci adds more pop and durability. They do this by bone rubbing the bat. This is one of the best Marucci wood bats for sale. You cannot beat this quality. It s one of the best Marucci bat models. So, get this great bat today!

  • Knob: Traditional
  • Handle: Medium
  • Barrel: Traditional
  • Feel: Balanced
  • Finish: Professional Grade
  • Handcrafted from Marucci's top-quality maple
  • Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  • Ideal for those with experience hitting with wood
  • Big League-grade ink dot certified
  • 30-day warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • MVE4JB19-WT/WW