Marucci Gleyber Torres Pro Model Maple Wood Bat GLEY25

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Marucci Gleyber Torres Pro Model Maple Wood Bat GLEY25

Marucci Gleyber Torres Pro Model Maple Wood Bat GLEY25

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Marucci Gleyber Torres Pro Model Maple Wood Bat GLEY25

The Marucci Gleyber Torres Pro Model Maple Wood Bat GLEY25 gives you an slightly end loaded light feeling bat with a great look to dominate your competition. The Gleyber Torres model allows players to hammer the ball down the field like the slugger. Nothing is better than watching Gleyber put one out of the park. So, as you come closer to figuring out what bat you want, think about hitting one out like one of the top players in the league. The shape of the bat allows players to have the best feeling bat on the market. As soon as you pick up the bat, you will not be able to put it down. You will be in shock at how light the bat feels. This is because of the extremely unique feel of the bat. There is a thin handle and a large long barrel, so the weight distribution throughout the bat is perfect. Even power hitters like to have some balance in their bat. So, this bat is perfect for everyone. Also, there is a traditional knob for a traditional feeling bat.

Marucci Gleyber Torres Bat Model Features

The Marucci brand does everything in their ability to make the best bat possible. All Marucci wood bats have some of the same qualities. They are all handcrafted using top-quality maple wood. To even better the quality of the bat, Marucci bone rubs the wood to increase the density of the wood. Another awesome feature of this bat is the big league ink dot certification. This proves the quality of the wood to players. So, come to the Baseball Bargains website today and purchase this bat today!

  • Knob: Traditional
  • Handle: Thin
  • Barrel: Large/Long
  • Feel: Slightly End-Loaded
  • Finish: PRO-X
  • Handcrafted from top-quality maple
  • Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  • Great transition bat from aluminum to wood
  • Big League-grade ink dot certified
  • Extended 60-day warranty
  • Made in the USA