Marucci Founders Series MFGFS1125I 11.25 inch Baseball Glove

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  • Marucci Founders Series MFGFS1125I
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Marucci Founders Series MFGFS1125I 11.25 inch Baseball Glove

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Marucci Founders Series MFGFS1125I 11.25 inch Baseball Glove

The Marucci Founders Series MFGFS1125I 11.25 inch Infield Glove is a world class glove. To start, they have been able to use premium Japanese kip leather. They use this leather in the construction because it is one of the best leather s available. It may take a little time to break in but once it is broken in, it will mold itself to your hand. It will hold the shape you have been able mold and it will stay. Also, it is a extremely durable leather that will last you not only a few seasons, but many years.

Marucci MFGFS1125I Features

In this middle infield model, they put in a medium-deep pocket construction. The construction of this glove is skillfully and individually crafted by hand. So, they spend a lot of time turning these gloves out and making the best glove possible. But, the medium-deep pocket construction gives you the perfect pocket size. You can transfer the ball very fast because the pocket isn t the biggest thing ever but it is big enough to hold onto the wall. There is a Big League thin heel padding. This gives the glove a better feel while you are playing and a better break-in. This glove is already amazing and the better feel for the glove just makes it that much better. Another feature on this glove is the finger index pad. So, it gives you the freedom to use this glove how you want to wear it. Lastly, they use a soft cowhide lining to complete the glove and tie up all the loose ends.
  • Skillfully and individually handcrafted
  • Premium Japanese kip leather construction
  • Medium-deep pocket construction
  • Big League stiffness and weight specifications
  • Big League preferred thin heel padding for better feel and break-in
  • Professional USA tanned lace
  • Soft cowhide lining
  • Recommended for middle infielders
  • Index finger pad
  • Right-hand throw only