Marucci Echo Connect DMND Fastpitch Bat - Drop 10

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Marucci Echo Connect DMND Fastpitch Bat - Drop 10

Marucci Echo Connect DMND Fastpitch Bat - Drop 10

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Marucci Echo Connect DMND Fastpitch Bat - Drop 10

The Marucci Echo Connect DMND Fastpitch Bat - Drop 10 brings fastpitch players an excellent option to dominate at the plate this year. There are great features in this bat that make it the top of the line bat that it truly is. It all starts with the make-up of the bat. The construction of the bat is a two-piece composite. With the two-piece construction you get great flex in the bat to get a whipping sensation to the bat. Also, the composite gives a maximum trampoline effect with great durability. The connection of the two composite pieces also adds to the excellence of the bat. The connection provides players a smooth, solid feeling at contact by dismissing vibrations and giving players total confidence at the plate. So, with the general make-up of this bat Marucci simply excels. For even more performance, there is the ring-free barrel technology. This makes sure there are no dead spots in the bat, so anywhere you hit the ball, it ll work. Also, there are features to help both control and comfort. Comfort and control truly bring greatness to a bat. The sting-free comfort knob always protects you from stings of the bat, so you ll always be comfortable. The grip of the bat helps you control the bat as well as stay comfortable. The soft-touch of the grip lets you enjoy holding your bat. There is extra tack as well to improve the control of the bat. So, come get yours today!

Marucci Echo Connect Fastpitch Bat Features

  • Mid-balanced, two-piece design optimized by athlete data for a slightly more end-loaded feel than our one-piece
  • Carbon composite handle connected to a MDX MAX composite barrel for a stiff, vibration-free swing
  • More aggressive, multi-directional MDX MAX composite layers create higher performance out of the wrapper and quicker break-in
  • One-of-a-kind Outer-Locking System connects the barrel to the handle from the outside in, creating the stiffest connection available, while dismissing virtually all vibrations on contact for the strongest, smoothest swing yet
  • Ring-free barrel construction allows for more barrel flex and increased performance with no "dead" spots.
  • Micro-perforated soft-touch grip for improved feel and control
  • Certified for WBSC (ISF), ISA, USSSA, USA (ASA)
  • 2 ¼” barrel diameter
  • One-year manufacturer's warranty included