Marucci BR450 Series MFGBR125FB 12.5 inch First Baseman Mitt

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  • Marucci BR450 Series MFGBR125FB
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Marucci BR450 Series MFGBR125FB 12.5 inch First Baseman Mitt

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Marucci BR450 Series MFGBR125FB 12.5 inch First Baseman Glove

The Marucci BR450 Series MFGBR125FB 12.5 inch First Baseman Mitt is an outstanding glove that will help you improve your game. To start, they have put in a double H-Web as the webbing. Some important things come of this. For starters, it makes the pocket much wider. When the pocket is wider, you have the chance to get to more balls and it allows you to pick the ball out of the dirt much easier. You will be able to cover more ground so no matter what direction the ball bounces in, it will land in your glove. This will help your team out a lot and your infielders and pitchers will love you as you bail them out. When you are buying a high end glove, you want to look for the best company. Marucci is in that conversation as they took over the wood bat market. They have a ton of success with their bats, as well as the newly acquired Victus bats as they use the best materials. They now do the same with their gloves.

Marucci MFGBR125FB Features

In addition, some features to mention include the length of 12.5". With a glove this long, you will have more range to get to balls without coming off the bag. This will help you and your team out and also make you look like an all star. Also, they have used a Marucci Player Advisory Board to approve the web designs. MLB players have come to an agreement on what they thing the best web designs will be for every glove. They are around baseball the most and they know what works. Not to mention, they use a softer internal padding for an easier break-in and a more comfortable feel. This glove is very durable but that doesn t take away from how comfortable it is. So pick up yours from Baseball Bargains today!
  • Skillfully and individually handcrafted
  • Genuine steerhide shell leather
  • Medium-deep pocket construction
  • Softer internal padding
  • Soft fabric fingerback linings
  • Marucci Player Advisory Board approved web designs
  • Professional USA tanned lace
  • Two-piece pattern design
  • Double H-Web
  • Available in Right and left-Hand throw