Marucci AM22 Youth Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

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Marucci AM22 Youth Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

Marucci AM22 Youth Pro Model Maple Wood Bat

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Marucci AM22 Youth Pro Model Maple Wood Bat2

The Marucci AM22 Youth Pro Model Maple Wood Bat provides young players with the ability to play like Andrew McCutchen. Let the quality of this bat erupt as your youngster shines at the plate this season. Marucci often has the best quality wood in their bats in comparison to other companies. So, come to the Marucci brand and play like McCutchen. Buying a pro model bat allows youth players to dream big. This is because when they step up to the plate, they imagine themselves in their favorite player's shoes. Add to the fact that these bats look like they are Marucci custom wood bats. The furniture like finish gives them a rich look and feel. They just don t have the Marucci custom wood bats price tag.

Marucci Youth Wood Bats

The shape of these Marucci youth wood bats truly makes them the great bats that they are. These Marucci youth bats have a shape that allow it to have a balanced feel which will also allow players to enjoy a fast swing. The reason for the balance of these Marucci youth wood bats is the thick tapered knob and the large barrel. The knob allows for more weight to be at the bottom in comparison to a traditional knob. The large barrel is also great for young players. This is because there is more area to hit the ball and will boost confidence in players. The tapered handle will also increase the control of these Marucci youth bats.

Marucci Andrew McCutchen Youth Bat Features

Marucci goes above and beyond to ensure top quality in the bat. They handcraft the bat with the highest quality maple wood. This proves to be true with the Big League Ink Dot that is on the bat. To increase the quality of the bat, Marucci also bone rubs the bat to make the wood more dense. This tightens the grain of the wood to enjoy more quality. Marucci does everything they can to increase the quality of these Marucci youth wood bats. So, pick this gem up from Baseball Bargains today!

Marucci Youth Bat Features:

  • Thick Tapered Knob
  • Tapered Handle
  • Large Barrel
  • Balanced Feel
  • Handcrafted from top-quality maple
  • Bone rubbed for ultimate wood density
  • Big League Ink Dot certified