Louisville Slugger Select Birch Baseball Bat

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Louisville Slugger Select Birch Baseball Bat

Louisville Slugger Select Birch Baseball Bat

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Louisville Slugger Select Birch Baseball Bat

If you are looking for a high performing wood bat with a classic wood bat design, the Louisville Slugger Select Birch baseball bat definitely has what you are looking for. The wood in this bat is strong and powerful, and can put a real dent into every baseball you come into contact with this season. And the classic black finish of this bat, gives it a throwback appearance you will be eager to show off. A bat this special is a must buy. Here are some more of its wonderful features. These Louisville Slugger Select birch baseball bats will certainly stand out from the pack of other modern wood bats. On this uniquely finished barrel you can find the famous Louisville Slugger logo in gold, which puts a real stamp of validity on the item. Also noteworthy, is the fact that this Louisville Slugger Select birch baseball bat uses one of the most durable woods. Birch is a little heavier than maple, but is extremely durable.. This wood is as strong as they come, therefore it will have hitters swinging fearlessly for the fences.

Louisville Slugger Birch Baseball Bats

These professional looking Louisville Slugger birch baseball bats use a special bone rubbing treatment. This makes it much denser than a normal wood bat. The end result will be a major spike in your power numbers this season. This birch bat also has a cupped end, which should make it a more balanced offensive tool to work with. It also enhances the durability. Being overwhelmed by hard throwing pitchers will be a thing of the past with this bat. This cupped end bat should help you make great contact against whoever you might be facing. You can order this Select birch bat in four different bat sizes. There are 32 though 34 inch models. Do not shy away from being great at the plate this season. Take control of your hitting destiny, when you purchase this wonderful Louisville Slugger Select Birch baseball Bat.  So, order one from the Baseball Bargains site now!

Model: WBL2687010