Louisville Slugger Prime Maple Baseball Bat KS12 - Kyle Schwarber

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Louisville Slugger Prime Maple Baseball Bat KS12 - Kyle Schwarber

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Louisville Slugger Prime Maple Baseball Bat KS12 - Kyle Schwarber

  • EXOPRO: Gives the Maple Prime bat a finish you can feel in an incredibly durable top coat.  It not only drastically increases surface hardness, but gives you a mirror-like finish in high-gloss models.  It also elevates the color and grain definition of the bat.
  • Knob Medallion: Easy-to-read medallions have been embedded in the knob. This clearly shows the identifying characteristics of EJ74 maple Prime bat and replacing outdated etching that has been previously used. The medallion indicates the MLB Prime grade of wood, the species and the length of the bat, while the bat name is engraved in the surrounding area.
  • Seamless Decals: Louisville Slugger’s exclusive seamless decals are applied directly under the top coat. This gives the MLB Prime bats a pristine look. All MLB Prime baseball bat models feature branding that blends into the bat. It does so without adding stress from pressure and heat. Due to this innovative technology, the Louisville Slugger MLB Prime bats continue to shine after countless trips to the plate.
  • Uncupped
  • Bone Rubbed
  • Color: Hardline - Matte Black to Natural

    Model: WBL2439010