Louisville Slugger Nexus Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

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Louisville Slugger Nexus Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

Louisville Slugger Nexus Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

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Louisville Slugger Nexus Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12

The Louisville Slugger Nexus Fastpitch Softball Bat Drop 12 is a one of a kind bat. This Louisville Nexus bat is 100% composite and they design it to be this way. Composite bats are the norm for softball bats these days so there is no surprise with that design. Also on the barrel, they have a patented S1ID Barrel Technology. This technology provides maximum pop on contact. Some people complain that composite bats lack a little pop so this is a great feature to this Louisville Nexus bat. It makes you a serious threat at the plate. The Louisville Slugger Nexus fastpitch softball bat drop 12 also has great balance. Even though it uses a two piece design, they have been able to balance the weight. It is perfect for all player types and makes it accessible to all types of players. This should excite all players because most players like bats with balance. Especially when playing softball, you need a quick swing to keep up with the pitching at such a close distance.

Louisville Slugger Nexus Bat

Something else that is new to the LS softball arsenal is the ultra-light weight X-Cap. This design gives you an improvement on your swing speed. Also, it gives the bat better durability. They have been able to make a light weight end cap. so, there is less weight on top of the barrel which allows for better balance. Like I said earlier, you need a bat with balance to find success in fastpitch softball. So, the new X-Cap design allows you to have that and succeed at the plate.

Louisville Nexus Xstiff Technology

Lastly, they have been able to put in Xstiff technology into this Louisville Nexus bat. The Xstiff technology is the 2-piece construction that allows the bat to have a stiffer feel for an increase in energy transfer. With the bat staying stiff while you hit the ball, it puts all your force onto the ball and uses the balls force to hit it harder. Meaning, the harder the pitcher is throwing, the further and harder the ball will be hit. 

  • 100% Performance Composite Barrel: Lightweight design allows for a large sweet spot, easy swing speeds and total control at the plate.; XCT Connection: Pairs composite barrel with composite handle to control vibration and deliver great feel on contact.
  • COPA Performance End Cap: The end cap design pairs perfectly with the composite barrel to maximize the sweet spot, optimize performance and enhance durability.
  • Balanced Swing Weight: An easy-swinging profile with a touch of weight targeted toward the end of the barrel, helping all players deliver maximum pop.
  • Standard Fastpitch Grip: Enough cushion to improve comfort at the dish while maintaining control and feel through the swing.
  • Weight Drop -12
  • 2 1/4" Barrel
  • Certification ASA, ISA, ISF, NSA, USSSA
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • WBL2814010