HeavySwing 34 70oz Softball Training Bat 3470

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HeavySwing 34 70oz Softball Training Bat 3470

HeavySwing 34 70oz Softball Training Bat 3470

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HeavySwing 34 in 70oz Softball Training Bat Features:

The HeavySwing 34 70oz Softball Training Bat 3470 is a radically different but marketable upgrade to the softball training landscape. At HeavySwing, they believe that baseball and softball go hand in hand. The games and mechanics being so similar, there is no reason to separate the equipment or at least the fundamental concept of the equipment. That is why HeavySwing has launched their softball models in conjunction with the baseball versions. The only difference is the shape of the bat. The shape is engineered to mimic the feel of a player s game bat. The foundation of the HeavySwing 34 70oz Softball Training Bat 3470 is made of high-grade, impact tested PX99 grade aluminum. This incredibly sturdy and lightweight aluminum base is part of what sets this bat apart from any other training bat on the market. Not only is almost all of the additional weight in the handle of the this bat but you can actually take live swings with this. Unlike barrel weights and donuts that leave players restricted to just phantom, on-deck swings. This bat lets you concentrate on your normal swing while the additional weight in the hands does the rest. The idea for a handle weighted bat came about when some of the founders of HeavySwing were watching major league hitters warm up at a stadium in Baltimore. They noticed the large, cumbersome weights on the barrels and the subsequent choppy swings that came as a result. Whether these hitters were performing at a high level despite of these weights or because of them, the founders had no idea. What they did know, is that there had to be a different way to do it. And they were going to find it. That was the genesis of an idea that has now taken the baseball world by storm. The idea of handle weighted bats creating inside the ball swings is new. But the logic behind it and the results they have produce is eye opening and something every hitter should be apart of.
  • Premium quality PX99 grade aluminum
  • Barrel: 2 _ inch Softball Profile
  • Length: 34 inches
  • Weight: 70 ounces
  • Color: White w/ blue graphics
  • 3470