HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat 33 in 70oz

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HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat 33 in 70oz

HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat 33 in 70oz

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HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat 33 in 70oz Features:

Traditional barrel-weight products, like bat sleeves and donuts, can often be disruptive to a batter s swing, and can also throw their mechanics out of whack. This can be especially true when it comes to hitters that are still learning the game. HeavySwing works to avoid that problem for hitters. They provide them with a patented handle-weighted training bat specially engineered which promotes a proper swing with hitters. The HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat is a fine example of HeavySwing s amazing products. Hitters serious about fine tuning their swing at the dish will not want to miss out on this item. HeavySwing bats allow hitters to keep their hands inside ball, by giving them an effective weight resistance training tool. This training tool helps batters improve their overall mechanics, while never altering their swing. The HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat is made out of top of the line material. It is constructed from premium quality PX99 grade aluminum material, that will never break down on the hitter using it. The bat features a barrel size of 2 5/8 inches. It comes in a size of 33 inches and 70 ounces. It is built with alloy material . These bats look great too. They come in a great black coloring, and feature the HeavyBat logo on the barrel of the bat. So, you will look sharp at the plate while training. The HeavySwing company has been making terrific training bats since early 2011, with the goal of creating the perfect swing for baseball and softball players. These bats have changed the game of baseball and softball by giving hitters and coaches creative approaches to their hitting and practice routines. HeavySwing bats are guaranteed to have hitters swinging in top form as they step up to the plate during their next season of play. Give the young hitter in your life a hand this year with building a great swing, by getting them a top of the line hitting training tool. The HeavySwing HB3370 HeavyBat Training Bat is the perfect item for any player participating looking to improve bat speed, and can do wonders in helping them take their offensive performance to new levels. This fantastic product is available now on the Baseball Bargains website, and also comes at a great price. Make sure you order one as soon as possible!
  • Premium quality PX99 grade aluminum bat with weighted handle and knob
  • Length: 33 inches
  • Weight: 70 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • HB3370