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HeavySwing 34 70oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3470

Availability: Out Of Stock
Sku: HB 3470

HeavySwing 34 70oz HeavyBat Training Bat Features:

The HeavySwing 34 70oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3470 is part of a revolution in the way that ballplayers train. It is not easy to reverse decades of thinking, especially in a sport as stubborn as baseball. However, after discovering the pitfalls of swinging with barrel weighted bats or donuts, the brain trust at HeavySwing decided to take the plunge. What HeavySwing s designers discovered is that instead of weighting the barrel, it made more sense to make the handle. Not only can you add significantly more weight to the handle than you can the barrel but the benefits also come mechanically. Instead of forcing a hitter s hands out and away from the ball, the handle weighted design of the HeavySwing 34 70oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3470 forces the hands down and towards the ball. This creates the "hand inside the ball" swing hitters at all levels are looking for. The foundation of HeavySwing bats is always made of the finest batch of PX99 grade aluminum. PX99 grade aluminum comes as some of the lightest and most durable of it s kind. The aluminum creates the most rewarding benefit hitter s receive for the HeavySwing 34 70oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3470. The fact that you can hit live baseballs with it. While donuts create a longer, more cumbersome swing, another downside you can t hit with the weight on the bat. With the HeavySwing 34 70oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3470, hitters can step into any cage or hitting drill and start swinging. The benefits of using this bat in the cage is that players are able to take their normal game swing. This takes all of the thinking out of trying to get your hands in the right place at the right time. With HeavySwing, you can take your swing like you normally do and let the bat do the rest.
  • PX99 grade aluminum bat With weighted handle and knob
  • 34 inches
  • 70 ounces
  • Black
  • 3470
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