HeavySwing 33 70oz Training Bat Pro 3370

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HeavySwing 33 70oz Training Bat Pro 3370

HeavySwing 33 70oz Training Bat Pro 3370

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HeavySwing 33 in 70oz Training Bat Pro 3370 Features:

The HeavySwing 33 70oz Training Bat Pro 3370 is an incredibly unique and dynamic baseball training device that combines a number of new techniques. The first technique is the most radical, and that is the handle weighted design. The brain trust at HeavySwing decided that the choppy and cumbersome swings that come from swinging with weighted barrels must have an alternative. Too many players use donuts and other barrel weights in the on-deck circle without the realization that they may actually be doing more harm than good. Of course, the simple idea that using more weight makes your normal game bat feel lighter may have some merit. However, that small benefit does not make up for the negatives that go along with perpetuating bad swing mechanics. The reason that the handle weighted system works so well is because it builds the exact same mechanics coaches are always preaching. And now, instead of having to worry about all of the moving parts of a swing, you can just take your normal swing in a cage or off a tee, and the bat will do the rest. What happens is the additional weight in the handle pulls the hands down at the start of the swing thus putting hitters in a position where they have to keep their hands inside the ball. The best part about these bats is the ability to use them against live pitching or in other live drills. The benefits, whatever they may be, for donuts and barrel weights are limited to phantom swings or on deck practice. HeavySwing comes specially engineered for live hitting so hitters can just focus on making solid, consistent contact. The HeavySwing 33 70oz Training Bat Pro 3370 comes with premium quality PX99 grade aluminum handle with a wooden barrel.
  • Premium quality PX99 grade aluminum handle With wooden barrel
  • Length: 33 inches
  • Weight: 70 ounces
  • Color: Black/Aluminum
  • Barrel Profile: 243
  • Pro 3370
  • HeavyBat Pro 3370