HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360

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HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360

HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360

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HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360:

The HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360 is part of a revolution in the baseball bat training world. For decades, player have been swinging barrel weighted, swing crippling donuts while in the on-deck circle. Noticing the epidemic of bad on-deck procedure, the guys at HeavySwing decided to take action. All they did was take the simple of idea of weighting the bat from the barrel - and flip it upside down. The braintrust at HeavySwing understand proper swing mechanics. The founders, like millions of amateur and professional players have been told over and over that they need to "keep their hands inside the ball." Barrel weighting with things like a donut creates long choppy swings that promotes casting. Casting is the when the first movement a hitter makes with his hands, is out away from the ball. With the HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360, the weight is all in the handle forcing hitters first moves to be down and toward the ball. The best part of the HeavySwing 33 60oz Training Bat Pro 3360 is it s ability to also be used in the cage or for other live hitting drills. Besides promoting bad habits, donuts fall short because of their lack of versatility. The only real use for a batting donut is to swing at phantom pitches. Therefore, HeavySwing has created a line of training products that put you right in the thick of it. Players can use their game swings and take advantage of the high grade aluminum alloy also used in these bats. The reason that this HeavySwing models is a "Pro", is unlike the traditional models, this comes with a wood barrel. The same excellent PX99 grade aluminum is used, but now a premium wood barrel is included on top to add that professional feel.
  • PX99 grade aluminum handle With wooden barrel
  • Length: 33 inches
  • Weight: 60 ounces
  • Color: Black/Aluminum
  • Barrel Profile: 243
  • Pro 3360
  • HeavyBat Pro 3360