HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3360

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HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3360

HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3360

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HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat Features:

The HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3360 is the newest and finest addition to the adult training bat market. Generations of players, coaches and parents have been putting donuts and other barrel weights on their bats. The result? Long, staggered swings in the on-deck circle that do more harm than good. The additional weight makes the bat feel lighter after it s removed, sure, but the unnatural swing path is far more detrimental. Barrel weighting perpetuates one of the biggest cardinal sins in hitting: casting. Casting is when a hitter s first move is away from the ball with his hands. The proper mechanics require a hitter s hands stay INSIDE the ball. It is always difficult to learn the proper swing mechanics, but what is even harder is unlearning bad ones. To simplify the process of learning the right mechanics HeavySwing has put all the weight in the handle, and taken the thinking out of it. Now, instead of thinking of their hands, hitters can simply let the bat do it s job. The HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3360 comes designed to take advantage of muscle memory. The PX99 grade aluminum is light weight but also incredible durable, making for a terrific design that will last. Besides the new handle weighted design, what sets this bat apart is it s versatility. Unlike donuts, HeavySwing bats can be used on live pitching. That includes batting cages, soft toss, wiffle balls etc. The benefit of using training bats on live pitching is the ability to use your game swing. That is a fundamental difference between the donuts and these bats. Be aware though, the HeavySwing 33 60oz HeavyBat Training Bat 3360 is not meant to hit the ball very hard or far. Meaning, do not expect to win any home run derbies with this bat. But you should expect, after some solid training with this bat, to win a few more once you pick up your game bat.
  • PX99 grade aluminum bat With weighted handle and knob
  • 33 inches
  • 60 ounces
  • Black 3360