HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat 31in 50oz

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HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat 31in 50oz

HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat 31in 50oz

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HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat 31in 50oz Features:

Allow your young slugger to train better than ever before this season, by getting them the amazing HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat. Unlike many traditional bat sleeves and donuts, this bat will help improve your little leaguer s swing, without being disruptive to their mechanics. Youth level hitters will quickly develop into offensive powerhouses at the plate. They just need to begin training with this product. Here is why. The HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat provides young players with a patented handle-weighted training bat specifically designed to promote a proper swing with hitters. This item will quickly become a favorite of coaches and parents. It allows hitters to keep their hands inside the ball, by giving them an effective weight resistance training tool. The bat assists in strengthening hitters overall mechanics, while never developing bad habits with their swing. This training bat is built strong, as it has a premium quality PX99 grade aluminum makeup. The item features a barrel size of 2 _ inches. It comes in a size of 31 inches and 50 ounces, and is made out of alloy material. The bat comes from the HeavySwing company. They are an organization that has built up a reputation for being one of the top training bat providers. As a result, the products produced by this fine company have changed the game of baseball and softball. They have also given hitters and coaches creative approaches to their hitting and practice routines. You can provide the same unique training challenges for your young hitter. Therefore you need to get them the HeavySwing 3150 Youth Training Bat. The item is available on our Baseball Bargains website for a great price. In order for players to be great in the batter s box in games, they need to put in the proper level of work in the cage and on-deck circle. Thus this item will get hitters ready for their turn to step up to the dish. So, order yours today!
  • Premium quality PX99 grade aluminum bat
  • Barrel: 2 _ inch youth barrel Profile
  • 31 inches
  • 50 ounces
  • 3150